How marketing impacts the world and why is it important

1. What is Marketing?

Marketing is how someone represents its product or service to the audience and by what means.

Does anyone know how we know that this type of company exists and so-so products it has, you would say by ads in newspaper, tv, social media, etc. Yes, but you know marketing as ads only…., no there is much more behind the representation of product in the ad.

2. Now let us understand the law of marketing:

Marketing is just a representation to sell the product at the starting stages of company if the product is good it will sell automatically.

So never make marketing the king of the game to sell the product.

3. Why marketing?

Everyone now knows or have to know that if you want to grow digitally you should be present on blogs, social media, because as great is your reach that much great is your business and whatever you post or write on internet you are marketing as it is reaching some people on the internet.

So even a child posting his photo on WhatsApp status, he is marketing himself that I am present here. Now to grow your business digitally you must have marketing skills.

4. The most Important skill of all types of marketing “Communication Skills”

Why to master communication skills because you must know how to transfer your thoughts. And we transfer the thoughts via communication that is through speaking. And if we don’t speak correctly, we can’t write correctly so communication helps us everywhere. This also helps us understand our audience as they tell us their problems which they face.

5. To know the audience, you must know some economics.

Now you will ask why to know economics? yes …… Because economics is the factor where you will get information of people needs wants and demand you can understand the market wealth, growth of market, you can predict market capacity, its potential and many more things.

The main thing is to know where the demand is, if you know where the demand is you can target correct audience with a very low marketing because the product will sell itself if that demand is getting completed, but if you want to compete in low demand area even if you market your product you can’t sell that many products as many products you would sell in demanding market so this is some normal economics which everyone must know.

6. Let us know how many types of marketing happens or occur in this digital world

Traditional marketing

Inbound marketing

Outbound marketing

Digital marketing

Search engine marketing, etc

7. What is traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing refers to brand promotion on any kind of channel that has been around since before the advent of the internet. Because information wasn’t as easily accessible and readily available, the majority of traditional marketing relied on outbound tactics such as print, television ads, and billboards.

Digital marketing is the opposite of traditional marketing, leveraging technology that didn’t exist traditionally to reach audiences in new ways. This type of marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers. We’ve broken some of these down in more detail below.

8. Now we are talking about marketing how can’t we talk about funnels.

Now you all will ask what is funnels? , what is this new term?. Let us understand via journey if we want to go from Mumbai to Pune you must select a route to reach there you can go via train, bus, car, airplane. If you go via roadway you must select from which vehicle you must go and via which road. So funnels is actually design the road to reach your brand or your product, therefore funnels are needed in which we design the function of website pages in order to access for sales or awareness, etc.

9. Let’s talk about a funnel which everyone must use which applies to each and every business

It’s called as n^CATT funnel as:

1. “n” stands for ‘Niche’ : The more relevant your niche is the more awareness it will gain and your business will flourish.

2. “C” stands for ‘Content’ : You must create good and useful content which impacts brand reputation if you give irrelevant content that also impacts brand but in a negative way.

3. “A” stands for ‘attention’ : If you want to bring customers you must be active at social media, you must post regular content or posts or videos or quotes, etc. You have to bring attention to people that your business exists on internet.

4. “T” stands for ‘Trust’ : When you start getting customers you must build trust with your customers so that your business runs smoothly, because “Business is all about relationships … how well you build them determines how well they build your business” — Brad Sugars

5. “T” stands for ‘transaction’ : Transaction is most important part as it boost customer relationship because when you perform very good to engage customer with you and at last when the customer takes the decision to pay and you outperform then there is some possibility that customer may withdraw the decision so ending should be also perfect and fast.

10. There is a one more efficient way of marketing?

Direct Response marketing in which you run ads and bring your customer to landing page and take their email id and number and provide access to your services or product.

This process is fast and accurate and no side offers are provided. Simple straight to point.

11. Niche the most important topic, but how to choose?

There are 3 points which help you to choose you perfect niche:

1. Talent

2. Market

3. Passion

12. Integrated digital marketing or webbed marketing

Integrated marketing or webbed marketing is a structure where you are bring customers to your website or landing pages through various mediums like email, social media, website, organic search, paid ads, and many more.

And every digital marketer works in this aspect only where he can bring or influence large number of customers to his or her website or landing page.

13. Last but not the least Personal Branding and why it is important.

In this digital world everyone wants to get known everyone wants to have large following on social media. But just following only doesn’t make you great, if you want to grow your personal brand you must give correct content, you must listen what the customers need, you must apply correct strategies.

You will tell what are the profits of personal branding, let us take your own example you purchase vegetables from the same vendor where you believe that he provides best quality even if there are many vendors available there or even if the vendor where you buy vegetables give you at higher price than others because he has created his personal branding on quality given products that’s the power of personal branding.

If I say do you know iPhone you would say yes, they are tech company which provide people with new -new technologies, why you know this because they have created there personal brand in tech products as always they will be bringing new technology in their products.

So, when you grow your personal branding your can make companies grow under your influence. The companies will pay you to promote their product. And when you get their trust, they will only listen to you and not the brand.

Now after listening to the post above you will get excited that this much power marketing has, but you would also say that even if I become a marketer this is just this much what I can do in marketing, just talking to companies and promoting their products, creating content and that same repetition.

No this isn’t this much you would get as a marketer there is much more in it, you will gain more things to learn from variety of products and services, you may create new concepts of marketing, and also you can charge for your consultation, you can become mentors to some company.

But a key factor to grow as a personal brand you must gain trust and you have to gain trust of many people therefore, I say it as “Mass trust”. You would tell how can I gain trust of many people.

No worries I have a blueprint or say planning to gain mass trust

If I write in short: Marketing is in this world is since Chanakya, because he said that “Even if a snake is not poisonous, he should pretend to be poisonous” because this is what marketing makes a brand even if they are small but it pretends to be a big and good company. Marketing is a world need and it cannot be eradicated from the world.